"It’s time for action. It’s time for solutions. It’s time to take the serious issues we face and the problems we have and do something about them. "

– Peter Chirico


Reimagine, reinvent and clean up downtown.
Plan all development and growth with a carbon neutral and net zero approach.
Review all operations, services and municipal staffing.
Restore pride in Our City, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.
It’s time to run the city based on what we need and what we can afford.

My Priorities Are:

  • Change the culture at City Hall

  • Review and restructure City operations/services where needed

  • Re-imagine and re-invent downtown

  • Actively recruit and welcome newcomers

  • A clean, green, safe City

  • Expand industrial and commercial development parks

  • Partner with the Province, the Feds, not for profit and private developers on housing solutions

I’m With Peter


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