Why I’m Running For Mayor

I decided to run for Mayor for a very selfish reason, my children and grandchildren. It’s true, I have been involved in local politics and local initiatives for years and I’m very proud of my record of service to this community.  If North Bay was on the right track I would be planning my retirement, but I believe like you do, our community could be so much better. There is lots of work to do to make North Bay a community we can all be proud of once more and I have some thoughts on how we can get there.  

Yes, I decided to throw my name in for Mayor because I want my children and grandchildren to live here, I also want your children and your grandchildren to live here too.  I want North Bay to be the city of choice for newcomers and immigrant investors and I want us to be on the leading edge of green municipalities.  We’ve taken enough time studying the issues and talking amongst ourselves.  

It’s time for action. It’s time for solutions. It’s time to take the serious issues we face and the problems we have and do something about them.  

I want to:

Reimagine, reinvent and clean up downtown.
Plan all development and growth with a carbon neutral and net zero approach.
Review all operations, services and municipal staffing.
Restore pride in Our City, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.
It’s time to run the city based on what we need and what we can afford.

I have seven areas in my platform.  Some of what I propose is ambitious and I’m well aware the change we need will not happen over night or even in one term of council.  We need to lay the groundwork now though if we want the community we all deserve. It starts with a plan and setting priorities.

My number one priority is the very thing everyone is talking about… people with addiction issues, homelessness and mental health problems invading our community.  Because of the addiction services available in North Bay, people from other communities come here for clinical rehabilitation. As a compassionate community, we have always been open to assisting those in need, but the current situation is unsustainable. For more than a decade we have had round table discussions and committees but the problems have only worsened. What we have been doing isn’t working we need a different approach.

I ask for your vote to elect me Mayor and together we will turn this city around.